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Mission and Vision

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There are many fitness facilities around.... But unlike those other facilities, we accommodate all shapes and sizes. As a business we don't rely on locking our members into 12 month contracts, because we don't need to. Our members want to train with us, and they want to train with us long term because they achieve life lasting results. We don't measure our success financially, we measure our success on the happiness and health improvements we help people achieve. Our Vision and Mission are in our blood.
Our Mission

Our mission is divided into three categories that all focus on Health and Happiness . Inspire. Educate. Empower.

  1. Inspire - We recognise that people lack in self confidence, physically and mentally. Many of us have not had positive experiences when trying to exercise more and eat healthy. We know, at Metta Box - CrossFit Droitwich, that we can help anyone who steps through our doors achieve life changing results. So our first mission is to inspire you to make that step through our door by sharing with you the wonderful stories and achievement of others.
  2. Educate - We want people to experience life lasting changes. Although we want our members to stay with us for as long as possible, we don’t want that to happen because they are ‘reliant’ on us. Therefore it is our focus to educate as many people as possible with as much knowledge as possible in all things health, fitness and nutrition.
  3. Empower - Nothing makes us prouder or happier to see our members confidently eating the foods they enjoy, confidently programming their own fitness sessions and confidently helping our newer members. The more people that we help reach this stage, the more people we can inspire to come and go through the same process. A win win loop.
Our Vision

A healthier, happier, fitter and stronger community that has been empowered by the benefits of regular, effective physical exercise taught at and by Metta Box. A community that not only engages in regular physical activity, but enjoys it, values it and consistently sees results. A community that takes pride in doing as much as they can to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing.