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Laura Jeffreys
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I started CrossFit as I was fed up of spending loads of money in commercial gyms and never really getting anywhere. I'd go to the gym regularly and not really know what I was doing so then I'd spend more money on PT and again not really get anywhere. After doing one CrossFit session I knew I was where I was meant to be. I've got healthier happier and fitter every day since I started CrossFit. It made such an impact on me that I didn't think twice about becoming a coach and kids coach so that I could share the magic of training with other people.
Why do you CrossFit?
I have tried loads of different training styles over the years and never got results. I experienced better results in my first three months at Metta Box than I have in years of training anywhere else. The training also keeps me motivated week after week, month after month.
How long have you been coaching for?
Metta Box is the start of my CrossFit coaching career although I am a professional trainer by trade.
What motivates you as a Coach?
My background is in learning and development and I find it really exciting to be able to use that to help people get healthier and fitter. I'm also really excited to be able to share what we do with kids as it's so valuable for them to learn.
Do you have a sporting background pre-CrossFit?
Nope have never been a sporty person which is part of what I love about CrossFit.. it's for anyone.
What is your favourite CrossFit movement and your least liked movement?
Burpees or most of the gymnastic movements are my favourite, Handstands, handstand walks, pull ups etc. Least favourite has to be either wall balls or thrusters.
What is your favourite music to work out to?
Lisa Cannons cheesy tunes
What is your favourite cheat meal?
Cake.. of any variety
Favourite bit of banter?