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Lisa Cannon
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Why do you CrossFit?
I did my CrossFit course beginning of November 2016 & first coached November 2016.
How long have you been coaching for?
I am a qualified gym instructor (level 2) & a qualified personal trainer (level 3). I also teach a wide variety of fitness classes.
What motivates you as a Coach?
What motivates me as a coach is watching members trying to grasp a movement or hit a PB (Personal Best)....the look on there face when they finally get the movement or hit that PB. Also receiving messages from members about how they have enjoyed my session
Do you have a sporting background pre-CrossFit?
I do CrossFit for 'me' I have seen my body change & my strength develop over the past 10months. I am doing moves I never thought I would be able to e.g pull-ups which is all down to excellent coaching & atmosphere at the box. I love the community feel & I have personally found & made some truly amazing friends
What is your favourite CrossFit movement and your least liked movement?
My favourite movements are wallballs & the Olympic lifts. My least favourite has to be double unders (DU).
What is your favourite music to work out to?
I love working out to 90's dance music
What is your favourite cheat meal?
My favourite cheat meal is pizza
Favourite bit of banter?
The 6am class!