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Mike Jones
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Mike has been involved in the fitness industry well over 8 years in which time he has been a Personal Trainer, a Physical Training Instructor in the military and of course a CrossFit Lv1 Instructor. Mike has been teaching CrossFit for almost three years now. Mike was a keen sportsman and rugby player into his mid 20's when he left the military and spent some time travelling. In this time he encountered CrossFit whilst in Australia and has been training with CrossFit ever since. He also has a lot of interest in Buddhism and above anything else, prioritises living a healthy happy life over anything else. He believes one of the best ways he can do this is by helping others do the same. Personal Trainer Lv3 AAPTI (British Military) CrossFit Lv1 British Weightlifting Lv1
Why do you CrossFit?
Because it works, because it’s fun, because it keeps me healthy.
How long have you been coaching for?
Full time coaching 2.5 years
What motivates you as a Coach?
Seeing people get little improvements every week, physically and mentally. Knowing that your helping people change their lives.
Do you have a sporting background pre-CrossFit?
I was a keen rugby player and fitness enthusiast. Military Physical Training Instructor
What is your favourite CrossFit movement and your least liked movement?
Tooooo much choice. I don’t think you can have a favourite and lest liked. I used to dislike bar muscle ups and deadlifts… but now I love them.
What is your favourite music to work out to?
100% Cheese. I’m talking Elton John, 70’s and 80’s, fun stuff you can sing along to.
What is your favourite cheat meal?
Like to get naughty pizzas in now and again
Favourite bit of banter?
My flip flops