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Crossfit Kids

About CrossFit Kids

The aim of our CrossFit kids program is to instil not just a love of fitness in children, but a life-long relationship between fitness and food health. 

Our mission is to educate children and teens about functional fitness and inspire them to pursue it.

We want your children and our future generation to be as healthy and happy as possible. We believe passionately that community, functional fitness and a good attitude is essential to our kids keeping themselves healthy in the modern world that we live in.

Is This For My Kids?

If you want your kids to grow up not only valuing their health but also with the knowledge and experience to look after it then the short answer is yes.

There'a a lot of pressure put on our kids in modern life to achieve, to meet the grades and to 'be something'. Unfortunately there are very few people teaching our kids to be healthy, to be active and how to look after themselves physically. We focus on getting this priceless information and experience through to our kids in a variety of ways that is suited to all learning styles with fun always at the forefront.

We will do all that we can to ensure that your kids are not only enjoying themselves, are made to feel welcome, make friends and come away feeling accomplished.

If you have any concerns or reservations please use the contact form below to communicate with us or give us a call at any time.

Parents are always welcome to accompany their kids and stay to watch. 

What We Teach the Kids


Moving correctly is essential to living a pain free healthy life. Our kids tend to have amazing movement quality and then lose it through school and adulthood. We teach them how to move properly and inspire them to keep moving properly for the rest of their lives. It's easier to maintain it then get it back.



The quality of mainstream foods put in front of us in the UK isn't the best. The food our kids eat has a huge impact on their health, their confidence and their moods. We constantly teach the kids about healthy nutrition and set specific time in many sessions for nutrition based activities.



Fitness can and should be fun. Many kids (and adults) don't like the thought of fitness as an activity. We teach kids how to keep or get themselves fit in a fun and effective way that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Your kids won't grow up not understanding how to control their health.



Putting kids into positive environments surrounded by healthy pro active people is essential for them to develop great attitudes and confidence. We pride ourselves  on the quality of our instructors, our facility, our atmosphere and the community that we develop, we would love for your kids to be a part of that.


We place a lot of focus on teaching the kids about a healthy attitude. Throughout their time with us they will learn to be more confident, to encourage others to achieve and to be positive. Modern life is set to throw lots of mental challenges at our kids, a healthy attitude is sure to help them handle these better.



All this stuff can sound pretty serious... We teach everything through fun. Although we have some pretty serious aims at the base of our program, we fully understand that kids respond best to fun, fun and fun. Sessions are tailored to this and your kids will always come away smiling. 

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